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Cece wants to tell you how much she loves that red sauce.


Herby and sweet and bright!

I won a basket of goodies at the St. Mary's School raffle. In it I found a jar of your That Red Sauce. These items usually stay in my pantry for too long and then get tossed. Well, with the quarantine I am working my way through the items in my pantry and I came across your jar. It was Friday and we were making pizzas at home. I was doing no meat for Lent, so I was going to top my pizza with tuna (don't judge me; it is delicious). I wanted something different than the usual pizza sauce, so i grabbed your jar, gave it a taste and was blown away by the marvelous flavor. I topped my pizza with your sauce, Italian cheeses, tuna, red onion, black olives, and a little crushed garlic. WELL!!!! I was the most delicious pizza I'd ever made. Your sauce has a depth of flavor that blew me away! It's creamy and spicy and herby and sweet and bright... just amazing. I was so sad I used the whole jar because now I can't try it in other dishes! Where can I get more?! Thank you for your wonderful product and for making my time in quarantine a little more flavorful. YUM!

-Nicky S.

Great on bread!

 My new favorite afteroon (and evening and late night) snack is a crusty Italian bread dipped in That Red Sauce.

-Anthony G.

Spice up your veggies

I love to use That Red Sauce to give my avocado toast some kick!  

-Wendy S.

Love it on Grilled meats

I love to cook a nice ribeye on the grill and then dip in That Red Sauce. It plays so well with the steak!

-Nancy S.

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